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We transform the job search, focusing on the jobseeker being really taken into account by recruiters and companies.


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Hoottraffic, eliminates traditional job search methods, so that companies focus more on your skills, abilities and competencies.

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Finding the ideal candidate is now much easier with a platform that specializes in job seekers
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Complete your profile 100%, highlight your skills, abilities and request recommendations from former employers:
  • Register and Create your account.
  • Start creating and editing your profile.
  • Upload your photo, tell us about yourself.
  • Specify what are your skills and studies that make you different.
  • Tell us about your experience and ask for recommendations from your previous employers.
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Sectors where candidates specialize

Professional talent from different sectors that due to their abilities and skills may be the best candidate for your company
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Search and filter through the different profiles of the candidates the ideal one for your company.

With Hoottraffic, you can save time and money in your recruitment processes, by filtering and finding the talent your company needs.


Meet your next employee beyond a resume!

Get a broader view of each candidate by accessing candidate profiles based on:
  • Skills, qualities and recommendations.
  • Personal and social interests.
  • Relevant aspects for the position.
  • Find your next candidate according to their location.
  • Get to know your candidate beforehand through a video presentation.